2013 Drawn Threads

14th International Tapestry Triennial, Lodz, Poland

May 6th – November 7th 2013

Drawn Threads is an installation work that seeks to explore new definitions of pattern and space in contemporary lace design. Embedded in a rich cultural history, lace is providing designers with a lineage of material production, complexity and inspiration. The installation looks at the notion of textiles embodying a living presence in an interior space. I was interested in the subtle shifting movement of the lace “breathing” in the space and how this generated a delicate patterned environment. The shadows cast from the installation introduced another dimension to the work, a third space for the viewer to inhabit or new boundary to enter.
Drawn Threads was exhibited in the 14th International Tapestry Triennial, Lodz, Poland and is now part of their permanent textile collection. Participation in the event is by invitation only. The Museum invites National Cultural Consultants to select three artists to represent their country. For the 2013 Triennial Valerie Kirk, Head of Textiles at the Australian National University selected the work as an example of Australian contemporary textile practice. 

Photo Credits: Chris Caines, Paul Pavlou