2013 India Embroidery Tour

Embroidery Workshop

Ashok Ladiwal, Vrindavan, India

April 2013 – present

As part of my role on the Fashion & Textiles program at the University of Technology I coordinate with colleague Alana Clifton a study abroad for students to travel to India. Students work closely with local artisans to learn traditional woodblock printing, dyeing and embroidery. The tour is organised by designer Julie Lantry, of Artisan Cultures whose aim is to bridge the gap between artisans and designers. 

In April 2013 ten UTS Fashion & Textile students participated in an embroidery workshop in the studio of Master embroiderer Ashok Ladiwal who is renowned for his elaborate embroideries for Krishna deities. His studio excels in intricate beadwork. Each student worked with an artisan and developed a unique range of contemporary embroideries. The images on this page are of my collaboration with the artisans who reworked my lace pieces with their traditional long stitch. Australian photographer Robyn Beech who has a long association with Ladiwal was fundamental in organising this trip.