Sheffer Gallery, Sydney 2006

LACED was a solo exhibition of contemporary lace works funded by the Australian Visual Arts/Craft Board supporting New Emerging Artists. Inspiration was based on the Lace collection at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney, and was informed by a mentorship with lace historian Rosemary Shepherd.

The work explored the integration of traditional textiles with emerging new technologies. The significance of this research is that it redefines the complexity of traditional lace structures and looks at alternatives for future lace as an openwork surface. Through deconstructing the original meaning of lace new lace structures have been explored that are outside the original lace constructions of weave, knit, embroidery. Alternative processes of machine stitching onto a soluble base with laser cut silk fabric motifs were created.

The work is unique, rather than replicating the lace it arrives at a new creation of lace and is significant in that it stands alone in its field and has more relevance to our age of production and technology.