2007 reskin: Future of Wearable Technology

 reSkin, The Future of Wearable Technology 

Felt Pods 2007

reSkin, The Future of Wearable Technology was the first Australian Wearables Technology Research and Development Laboratory of its kind. It was an initiative of the Australian Network for Art and Technology in partnership with Craft Australia and the Australian National University School of Art and Design. For this intensive workshop twenty designers from around Australia were selected to investigate creative possibilities into wearable computing. The outcome was exhibited at ANU Gallery and was linked to a WearNow Symposium National Museum of Australia Canberra.

How can wearable computing enhance communication and human interaction? The reSkin  Lab explored electrical circuits, programming, properties of skin in relation to performance of cloth, conductive fibers and printing. Felt Pods, integrates one of history’s oldest textiles, felt, with electric circuits and LED lights. The felt illuminates in the dark and can be programmed to create sound. The felt acts as an insulator very much like the properties of skin act as a protection to the body.