2012 Wangaratta Regional Gallery Acquisition

Antique Lace is a series of three lace works that explore notions of the role of mending and reuse in textile history. The idea of “making do” and reconstituting existing textiles reflects on the Slow Design movement current in design practice.  The works have been reconstructed from antique lace remnants in a unique machine stitching process. The suite was selected for the Petite Miniature Textiles Exhibition, Wangaratta Regional Gallery 16th June-22 July 2012 and was acquired for their permanent collection. The exhibition is a biannual event and showcases textile artistry in Australian contemporary textile practice.

Title: Antique Lace
Dimensions: 300 mm wide x 300 mm height
Materials: Antique Lace machine stitched onto a soluble substrate.